Precise, accurate, up to date information on the genuine value of your properties

Another key aspect of property investment is data. For any investor, data is gold. The more information you have on aspects related to your properties and potential property investments, the better equipped you will be to make the next move and plan ahead smartly and reliably. This is where the Value Cal service comes in and can help to give you even more data to use moving forward.

As the name implies, Value Cal is all about helping you determine the real value of your property or your entire portfolio. Through the use of the latest technology, Pivot Property's Value Cal service can give you precise, accurate, up to date information on the genuine value of your properties. From there, you can use this data to make smarter and more informed decisions about your next steps.

Perhaps you’re planning another investment, for example, but prefer to know the exact value of your current property before deciding whether or not the time is right. Pivot Property's Value Cal service can also let you know whether you should consider holding and waiting out a little while longer, empowering you as an investor. Find out more by contacting Pivot Property today.

With more than seven years of experience behind it and an exceptional tally of more than $450 million in successful real estate transactions so far, Pivot Property has become a market leader in finding the perfect properties for every investor.

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Discover the Value

Learn the real value of your property or portfolio. This allows you to properly assess your financial position and helps you make an informed decision about what your next steps should be. When combined with our expert advice we can guide you to help grow your portfolio at a pace that works for you.


Comparative Market Analysis

We provide a detailed analysis for your property or portfolio, where we look at recent purchases in the area, past sales and comparable properties that are currently on the market. All this valuable data can then be used to make an informed decision if you are in a comfortable position and ready to invest.


Get Leverage

By understanding the value of the equity in your property you can then use your hard-earned equity to generate greater wealth and use the leverage in your current portfolio to grow and expand your property portfolio.


Create a Plan

Use our Value Cal service today to help create a plan for the future, even if you aren’t ready to invest just yet, understanding your position and getting a snapshot of the market and your area can help you decide on what is important to you and what you should focus on next when growing your portfolio.

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