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Every investor wants to find the right property. Settling for second best or making big compromises rarely works out in one's favour in the real estate investment business, so it's absolutely vital to find the properties that meet all of you needs and match up with your current situation, offering strong returns and investment you can afford. Pivot Property's Property Match service can help you find the perfect property more easily than ever.

The Property Match service essentially takes the form of a tailored questionnaire. It's a simple system, with clients answering questions and providing information about their current situation and the kinds of properties they're specifically looking for. The Property Match service is then able to analyse and assess the data provided in order to identify the right kind of investment property that matches up with your requirements.

Then, it’s simply a matter of combining the information from the Property Match service with the data uncovered by the Investment Scout in order to find properties that are 100% ideal for you. This is just one example of the ways in which Pivot Property’s various services can be used together to provide optimal results for every client.

Pivot Property harnesses the power of a unique algorithm which can effectively search around the suburbs of Australia's big cities and reliably predict trends of property growth and profitable investment.

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The Tailored Approach

We use the information from our Property Match Questionnaire to create a tailored approach for your investment needs and to help you discover the best investment strategy for you. Complete our questionnaire to find out which investor type you are.


The Perfect Match

Take the guesswork out of choosing an investment property. There are already so many variables when it comes to finding a property that is right for you, Purchase price, rental yield, projected future growth & local infrastructure are just a handful of factors that need to be considered.


A Step in the Right Direction

Not sure where to start? Does investing in property excite you but also create more questions than answers? The first step is working out what your investment profile is and then having our team formulate a tailored strategy to get you started.


Working Together

Our Property Match Questionnaire is designed to work with our other services. Once you have established your investment profile, we can then use our Investment Scouts to find you the perfect property. If you already own property, then use our Value Cal to help leverage your equity to grow your portfolio.

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