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Our unique services and tailored approach is what set us apart from the rest. As a full service buyers agency we are always working towards your goals and provide you with only the best and highest performing investment options.

Use our investment scouts to find and secure the best performing investment properties from around Australia. We analyse 100,000 data metrics every 12 hours to find the best investments for you.

Value cal helps you discover the real value of your property or portfolio. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about your next steps, no matter what that might be.

Our tailored questionnaire helps your personal investment profile and then helps is to find properties to suit your current situation. Discover your personal investment profile today to learn more.

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About Us

Pivot Property is an industry leading agency specialised in finding the perfect investment properties for its clients. Making use of cutting-edge software and a wealth of experience, Pivot Property can identify high performance properties for every investor.

The company also harnesses the power of a unique algorithm which can effectively search around the suburbs of Australia's big cities and reliably predict trends of property growth and profitable investment.

State of the art technology and human expertise

By combining both of these into one seamless service we have been able to produce outstanding results for our clients

Over 90% over our recommendations have experienced 15% growth in the first year

We have outperformed the market by 30% over the last 5 years

$450mil in property transactions in the last decade

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Taking the first step is simple. Get in contact with our team, and we will guide you through the whole process. Our focus is you and your goals, our investment scouts will find the best properties based on your criteria. You have full control and final say as well as access to all the data we do. So don't wait and start your free search today.

Why Pivot Property

So why exactly would you want to work with Pivot Property? Here are just a few reasons

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Trying to find the perfect investment property can be a major challenge, with a lot of different aspects to consider. It can be time consuming and intensive, but with a professional scouting team by your side, making use of powerful software and proven experience, finding properties can suddenly become a lot easier.

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Pivot Property has been in the business for more than seven years already, boasting a wealth of experience and exceptional success so far, helping to coordinate more than $450 million of real estate transactions. When it comes to finding high performing investment properties, Pivot Property is a name you can trust.

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With Pivot Property, you’ll be getting that all important ‘personal touch’. You’ll communicate directly with the team, sharing details about exactly what you’re looking for and what kind of situation you have, with the team then able to use that information to find a property that truly works for you.

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Pivot Property only finds and recommends high performing properties. Statistics show that properties recommended by this company have consistently shown up to 15% growth in just the first year. Not only that, but investors working through Pivot Property have reliably outperformed market standards by an average of 30% over the last five years.

Changing How People Find Investment Properties

In the past, reliably finding the right investment properties often involved endless work, a lot of trial and error, decades of experience, and even a little luck too. However, times have changed in a big way. Nowadays, with the power of technology by your side, finding the perfect properties has can be a lot easier and a lot less time-consuming, resulting in better experiences for investors and better returns on every investment.

We're living in a technological age, with modern advancements in algorithms, software, and artificial intelligence truly changing the game for property investment, and Pivot Property is leading the way forward into this brighter and better future. Making use of disruptive technology to completely change the market for high performing investment properties in Australia, Pivot Property is completely altering the ways in which these properties are found and purchased.

Pivot Property can harness the power of the latest breakthroughs in AI and software to effectively and reliably do what every investor wishes they could do: predict the future. By analysing trends and scanning the suburbs of Australia, the tools and systems used by Pivot Property are able to consistently identify properties that can offer strong returns within just the first year, taking a lot of the risk and worry out of the investment process.

A.I and algorithms have plenty of power and potential, but they need human oversight and input too. That's where Pivot Property's extensive amount of real estate and investment experience comes into play. This company is able to offer the best of both worlds: state of the art technology and human expertise. Through the combination of these tools and factors, Pivot Property is changing the way people find investment properties, and you can learn more by booking your first 1 on 1 meeting with a Pivot Property team member.

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What our clients say about us

“Great work Henry, Oskar & team! I’m simply amazed at your care and attention to detail. You left no stone unturned, thank you so much for all your hard work”

Amanda G.

“A true test of a quality is how the property preforms in the years following purchase. I bought through Henry in 2014 and we have had exceptional growth, year on year, since then. We’ve always had a tenant and our equity is accumulating at an impressive rate.“

Liliana P.

“Initially I was a little nervous when Henry suggested buying interstate, I had always wanted to be a close drive to my property, but Henry assured me there were much better investment opportunities outside of my home city and he had the data to prove it. It was a seamless experience; all the information was available to me and I had a clear understanding of why it was a good investment. The team negotiated a great price, so I had instant equity for my next purchase. They are worth their weight in gold”

Nicky A. 

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