Fast-track your wealth creation with cutting-edge research combined with Australia’s best private advisers.

Anyone who wants to excel in the field of property investment essentially has to try and work towards a state of minimal risk. You want your investments to be as sure and reliable as possible, and in the modern world, there are a lot of different tools that can help you do just that. Investment Scout is one of them. One of the three main services provided by Pivot Property, Investment Scout is essentially like having your own expert property scouting team working right alongside you.

Making use of advanced algorithms and identifying patterns and trends in property prices and real estate investments all around Australia, the Investment Scout service can essentially make it so much easier and faster for you to find the best performing investment properties.

Why search for potential investment properties alone when you could have a high-powered software service working beside you? Not only that, but the Investment Scout service is monitored, controlled, and vetted by Pivot Property’s experienced investment team, with the company’s experts overseeing everything and personally taking the time to learn more about properties and trends highlighted by the Investment Scout.

Our track record in creating wealth is genuinely breathtaking. We use cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence when finding your next investment property. Our asset selection is driven by science, not subjectivity.

Nothing standing in front of performance

Cutting-edge and tested


A nationwide search

We cast a wide net - using technology to do the heavy lifting, we can scour the corners of the nation to find High Performance properties. We provide all this data to you as part of our tailored strategy.


Best advisors

We know what it takes to deliver amazing results. Our approved buyer's agents are the most outstanding property investors and wealth creators Australia has to offer. They provide the human touch to the technology.


High Performance

Our technology generates a shortlist of High Performance locations. However, to become a Pivot Property approved location our experienced research team must then give it the green light.



We take the time to create a tailored investment plan. This helps us to align our searches with your goals. We plan out where you want to be and then reverse engineer those goals to come up with an investment strategy that is right for you.

Over 90% of client properties have generated
15%+ equity in the first year after purchase.

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