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Investors working through Pivot Property have reliably outperformed market standards by an average of 30% over the last five years


Here’s everything you need to know about the cautious investor

Overview - A cautious investor is someone who likes to be very careful and analytical in their approach to investments, minimising their risks wherever possible. For these people, high returns in short amounts of time aren't as important as making safe investments that allow them to preserve their capital. A cautious investor will tend to lean towards safe, stable, low-risk investments whenever possible.

The Advantages - When you’re making any kind of investment, weighing up the risks and possible pros and cons is an essential part of ensuring you make the right moves. In essence, being cautious is a vital part of being a successful investor, so having a cautious profile is clearly an advantage in this field. Cautious investors tend to have a lot of patience, which is a key aspect to any kind of investment, and they won’t just throw their money around without sensibly and smartly assessing the risks involved.

Why Pivot Property? - Pivot Property is a perfect match for cautious investors as it helps to minimise your risks even more than before through the Investment Scout service. With cutting edge tech and expert scouts working with you to help you find sound investments, you'll be able to feel even more peace of mind and reassurance in regard to the properties you invest in.

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