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Industry leading agency specialised in finding the perfect investment properties for its clients

Pivot Property is an industry leading agency specialised in finding the perfect investment properties for its clients. Making use of cutting-edge software and a wealth of experience, Pivot Property can identify high performance properties for every investor. The company also harnesses the power of a unique algorithm which can effectively search around the suburbs of Australia's big cities and reliably predict trends of property growth and profitable investment.

With more than seven years of experience behind it and an exceptional tally of more than $450 million in successful real estate transactions so far, Pivot Property has become a market leader in finding the perfect properties for every investor, setting the standard and only ever recommending high performing properties to its ever-expanding clientele.

Another aspect of Pivot Property that really helps this company stand out from the crowd is its personal approach; when you're investing in any kind of property, you typically need to undertake a lot of research, considering the pros, cons, and specifics of any potential investment in order to identify a property that truly meets your precise needs and requirements.

While other companies offer broad approaches, Pivot Property takes the time to get to know its clients, learning exactly what they're looking for and adapting its approach accordingly. Book a 1 on 1 meeting with the Pivot Property team today to see exactly how this property investment company can help you find a high performing property for a big ROI.

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